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Weekend Lunch
Dine & Sip Italiano

Looking for an unique unforgettable lunch experience? Don't miss out on our must-try Dine & Sip Italiano Lunch Experience!


Enjoy an ocean view while savoring authentic Italian food with a three course meal and two hours of drinks.



Live Music is now on FRIDAY NIGHTS ONLY, from 6 to 9pm.

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Dine & Sip Italiano Menu

*Please note - 2 hours of drinks will start from the time of your booking, late arrival will result in reduced seating time*

The Wine Lover Pack

$89pp | Min. 2 people | Price includes drinks and food

Our Wine Lover Pack is the perfect package for any occasion. Enjoy 2 hours of house bubbles, white wine and red wine, where you can pour your own wine at your own pace. It's the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends and family

The Cocktail Lover Pack

$115pp | Min. 2 people | Price includes drinks and food

Our cocktail lover service is just the thing for making it extra special. Enjoy our cocktail range of: Margarita, Aperol Spritz and Mimosa for the 2 hour period. Enjoy the stunning ocean view while you laugh and have fun with friends. It's the perfect way to make your lunch out even more memorable.

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The 3-Course Menu

Choose One Dish from Each Category​.


Focaccia, Black Garlic Butter (GFO)
Gamberetti, Salsa Rosa (GF)
Burrata original, oregano, olive oil (VG, GF)


Pacchero ai pomedori, stracciatella, basil (GFO)
Spaghetto cacio&pepe, lemon zest (VG, GF)
​Pizza of your choice (VO, VGO, GFO)


Gelati (1 Scoop)
Cannoli (Chocolate or Original)

Not Available on any special days like Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc. All dietary requirements MUST be told when booking.

Menu is subject to change without notice due to produce availability. Guests cannot HOARD drinks on table.

Please note that in adherence to responsible service guidelines, we will discontinue serving alcohol to any guest showing signs of intoxication.

15% Surcharge on Public Holidays

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